BVRio scopes possible partnerships for plastic circularity in Rio

BVRio took part in a workshop for co-creating Plastics Circularity in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, promoted by the Circular Plastics in the Americas Programme (CPAP) on 24 August. BVRio is keen to play a role in creating partnerships to implement future pilot projects over the next two years, through developing Circular Action Programmes (CAPs) to increase the circularity of plastics and promote a green economy in Rio. BVRio’s circular economy specialists exchanged experiences with other organisations to bring insights into the main challenges and opportunities for the city in the sector.

“The event was great to scope potential partnerships between the varied stakeholders interested in increasing the circularity of plastics in Rio and to kick-off the development of models that can then be replicated in other locations. No doubt it is a great challenge, but the approach and discussions promoted by CPAP are a crucial first step”, said Maria Accioly, BVRio circular economy specialist.

Tathiana Colturato, CPAP’s Coordinator, considered the event a success. “We aimed to bring together industry stakeholders to discuss specific challenges and potential actions for joint implementation at different levels (national, regional and/or municipal) and, from the debates, we identified successful cases that can contribute to improving plastics management in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.”

The Circular Plastics Program in the Americas (CPAP) is conducting the Innovation Process for Plastic Circularity, which seeks to identify necessary actions to promote circularity in the plastic value chain and engage different stakeholders to implement initiatives with the support of the Programme and European partners.