Circular Action Hub is an online platform that connects circular economy projects and initiatives with organisations (corporates, donors, impact investors) interested in supporting them.

A central component of Circular Action Hub is the Project Directory (see below), where projects present their initiatives, and we help them connect with buyers or investors. Circular Action Hub connects the parties and facilitates the transaction by providing customised services, including standardised contract templates and financial intermediation services (KYC, escrow accounts, etc.).

Buyers interested in supporting circular economy and/or mitigating their plastics (and other types of waste) footprint can search the Directory for the types of activities, materials and geographies that meet their needs.

One of the main solutions offered by the Hub is the Circular Credits Mechanism – a system of performance-based payments for environmental services of circularity, striving for inclusiveness and wide social participation.

In addition, we can help corporate buyers develop Circular Action Programmes, assembling complete waste supply chains for the collection and recycling of their products and providing waste footprint solutions.

In order to provide transparency and visibility to the impacts created and supported by different organisations, all transactions are recorded in the Hub’s Registry.