Spotlight on Impact: Funding helps “dignify work and improve the quality of life of waste collectors”

In the first in our series looking at the impact of additional funding on CAH projects, we meet Bahía Circular, a project operating in Nayarit, Mexico.

Bahía Circular is a network of non-profit communitarian organisations of waste collectors and recycling intermediaries that provide environmental services in the rapidly-growing touristic area of Bahia de Banderas, Nayarit, Mexico. The member organisations are located in San Pancho, Sayulita, Lo de Marcos and Las Varas – all beautiful beach villages that have been affected by tourist activities and inefficient public waste management.

The network of Bahia Circular aims to generate better income for waste-pickers using Circular Credits and to improve their working conditions by providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our objectives are to reduce plastic waste from the local ecosystem by creating a Circular Plastics Economy; build on community environmental education and collaborative recycling; and the use of digital tools such as CAH and Cirplus to have access to financial opportunities and improve the marketability of the material.

Alessa Araiza, Coordinator of the Bahía Circular Project spoke to us about the difference additional funding has made to the project. “The resources have served to improve the recycling process in the Bahía de Banderas area, dignify work and improve the quality of life of waste collectors, reduce the use of disposable plastics in tourist establishments and implement a circular credit mechanism, through a community network of waste collectors and recycling intermediaries that provide environmental services and a network of responsible businesses.”

The project is part of Entreamigos described as ‘a bridge between cultures and community that creates educational opportunities for children and families in San Pancho’. The NGO works to empower intellectual, creative and reflective capacities and to develop environmental and cultural consciousness. The vision of Entreamigos is to provide the children and families of San Pancho with the skills needed to contribute to their changing communities in a positive way. Entreamigos is funded by private donations and onsite businesses. Entreamigos relies heavily on the support of volunteers.

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