Pedro Moura Costa elected new representative to the PREVENT Waste Alliance steering committee

Rio de Janeiro, 5 August 2020 – Pedro Moura Costa, BVRio’s co-Director, was elected as new representative of the civil society stakeholder group in the PREVENT Waste Alliance steering committee. The 15 civil society members of the Alliance elected him to his new position in July 2020. From 15 August 2020 he will represent their interests together with Simone Walter (Help e.V.).

PREVENT Waste Alliance wants to contribute to minimising waste, eliminating pollutants and maximising the reuse of resources in the economy worldwide. It serves as a platform for exchange and international cooperation. Organisations from the private sector, academia, civil society and public institutions jointly engage for a circular economy.

Pedro is an entrepreneur involved in environmental finance. In 2011 he co-founded BVRio with his brother Mauricio. In 2013 they launched the Reverse Logistics Credits system to reward waste pickers in Brazil conducting waste recovery and recycling. In August 2020, BVRio is launching Circular Action Hub, connecting local waste management projects around the world with companies, donors and investors interested in supporting the circular economy.

Within the Prevent steering committee Pedro would like to advocate for the topic of leveraging public funding with private sector capital. We are looking forward to the close cooperation with PREVENT.