BVRio talks Circular Economy in financial and business magazine EXAME

BVRio was a pioneer when it created the world’s first system of “reverse logistics credits” in 2013. Now, working internationally, the system recently expanded to almost 40 countries with the Circular Action Hub

London, 10th May 2021BVRio will participate in the 1st edition of the “Best of ESG | Rethinking the value of everything”, the largest online event on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) in Brazil, promoted by the business journal EXAME. The panel “Circular Economy” will be attended by BVRio’s Pedro Moura Costa, Maurício Moura Costa and Thierry Sanders and will take place virtually today, May 10, from 10:30 to 11:30. The event will be moderated by Patrícia Genelhu, Head of Sustainability & Impact Investments at BTG Pactual.

BVRio developed the world’s first system of ‘reverse logistics credits’ in 2013, currently adopted by several companies and organisations worldwide. The trading platform for reverse logistics credits in Brazil, attracted more than 100 cooperatives and associations that bring together more than 7,000 waste pickers. In its first year of activities, it offered reverse logistics credits from solid waste recycling in 21 states of the country.

More recently, BVRio co-founded with standards developer VERRA, the 3R Initiative (www.3rinitiative.org), to expand BVRio’s system internationally. As part of this initiative, BVRio created the Circular Action Hub – which connects circular waste management projects to supporters worldwide – and the Circular Credits Mechanism. Today, there are almost 100 projects registered on the platform, in about 40 countries, with the potential to collect and recycle over 400,000 tons of waste per year.

In addition to its activities in Brazil, BVRio assists clients to solve their waste footprint in several countries, including India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

“We are honoured by the invitation. It will be a great opportunity to present the main challenges of the circular economy in Brazil and worldwide. BVRio’s mission is to create market mechanisms to facilitate compliance with environmental laws and support the green and low carbon economy. We were pioneers in developing the concept of reverse logistics credits and we are very pleased to see this market solution being adopted around the world,” said Maurício de Moura Costa, BVRio’s CEO.

The “Best of ESG | Rethinking the value of everything” is completely online and free. In all, more than 40 debate panels will be held, running until 18 June, live on YouTube and on EXAME’s Instagram. Registrations on the website: https://lp.exame.com/o-maior-evento-esg/