New project in partnership with PREVENT Waste Alliance

Circular Action Hub, in partnership with PREVENT Waste Alliance, developed the project “Plastic Credits for inclusive and transparent circularity”, which will benefit around 300 waste pickers until June 2022. The project will be conducted by an international consortium and BVRio is the organisation responsible for the activities in Brazil and Mexico. Overall, Circular Credits will be generated for about 1,500 tons of plastic waste collected, sorted and reintroduced in the recycling chain.

In Brazil, at least eight waste picker cooperatives are expected to benefit from the project, in several states, and four contracts have already been signed: Cooperben (SP), Cooperativa Mãos Dadas (SP), Asscavag (MT) and Atlimarjom (MG). In Rio de Janeiro, four other cooperatives are in the process of signing contracts. The Minas Gerais cooperative, Atlimarjom, is representing a network that will help five small associations in the region to develop.

The PREVENT Waste Alliance, a coalition involving worldwide private sector, universities, civil society and public institutions, has selected the Circular Action Hub as one of its eight innovative and sustainable global pilot solutions that contribute to a circular economy in low and middle income countries.

Waste pickers in developing countries are suffering from restrictions created by lockdown measures, reduced economic activity resulting in low waste collection rates, low prices paid for recyclable materials, and the direct impact of the virus on their health. The sale of Plastic Credits has generated income for those affected by COVID-19.

The project is funded by the PREVENT Waste Alliance, an initiative of the German Federal Government.