Amazon river plastic project the 100th to be added to the Hub

The Circular Action Hub (CAH) has reached 100 registered projects, in just 12 month’s of operation. Each of the 100 initiatives are providing important environmental waste recovery services and are displayed in this international showcase aimed at connecting projects with funders.

The hundredth project to be added was AACEAM Ambiental, an association with around 70 waste pickers which collects plastics from Amazon rivers and other natural areas, sorts and recycles it. AACEAM operates in 5 municipalities around Manaus, Brazil, using mainly ferries, and processes some 600 tons of plastics per month. With further funding, the project aims to expand the activities to other municipalities, increasing, by up to 70%, the amounts collected and recycled on this side of the Amazon region.

The Circular Action Hub, launched in July 2020, brings together social enterprises from nearly 40 countries on 5 continents, and involves co-operations and organisations which work with waste collection, recycling, reuse, sorting and in environmental education.  Through an innovative system, CAH serves as an incentive for actions to foster local circular economies, adding a potential of around 4000,000 tons of recyclable materials recovered each year.

The Circular Action Hub facilitates partnerships and intersectional co-operation. Project financing is delivered through several different mechanisms, such as impact investment, combined financial instruments, donations and performance-based payments, such as Circular Credits.

Each of the projects registered on the CAH has its own dedicated page and companies interested in reducing their environmental footprints from the production of plastic and other waste can navigate the platform and select the projects(s) they wish to support. The platform also helps develop capabilities and promotes innovation through providing information, facilitating knowledge sharing and exchanging local solutions.