Seven initiatives delivering a range of solutions to waste management in Africa

This month, the Circular Action Hub welcomed seven brilliant initiatives in countries from Central, West and East Africa, which are delivering a range of waste management solutions from recycling household waste and high-density plastic to producing biofuel and improving waste pickers’ living wages.

The Mozambican Recycling Association (AMOR) runs a social inclusive initiative enabling recycling in Mozambique by valuing waste pickers’ role, using BVRio’s app KOLEKT to respond to issues such as lack of funding and improvements to waste pickers living wages. AMOR intends to spread the use of KOLEKT in the country to turn waste management sustainable and transparent, and lead the way to an inclusive circular economy.

Working to make waste recovery a lever for territorial development in Benin, Gbobètô has added four projects to the Hub. Gbobètô is transforming biodegradable waste into ecological fuel for households cooktops and setting up professional sorting units to process household waste. It is also establishing a recycling unit for Porto-Novo to recover high-density plastic waste and running an operation to build waste sorting capacity in schools alongside environmental education.

An ambitious project in Kenya from LeafyLife aims to recycle disposable diapers and recover 80 per cent of the virgin materials to make construction materials and biofuel, targeting to recycle at least 250kgs of disposable diapers per day which is 60 tonnes per annum.

CAEPA is delivering awareness campaigns, collection and recycling services to households in Bamenda, Cameroon, a sustainable waste management initiative aiming to benefit 500 families and create employment for more than 20 people. 

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