Circular Action joins AEPW to address plastic waste recovery and collection in Brazil

Circular Action has been successfully collaborating with the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) to promote the recovery, collection, and improved destination of plastic waste in Brazil. Last week, as part of our ongoing efforts, our circular economy team joined representatives from the South America Regional Task Group of the AEPW to present our work supporting Coopama, a waste picker cooperative in Rio de Janeiro, and also to visit other waste picker cooperatives in Sao Paulo supported by them.

During the visit, the AEPW team had the opportunity to engage with the cooperative members gaining first-hand experience in manually sorting materials at the conveyor belt. This immersive experience provided valuable insights into the impact of cooperative work and the significance of individual choices throughout the lifecycle of a package.

“Meeting with the AEPW team and getting to know other projects was an eye-opening experience for those involved,” said our circular economy specialist Pedro Succar. The successful visits to the cooperatives in Brazil have shown the transformative potential of collaborative efforts in addressing waste collection challenges, paving the way for a more sustainable, plastic-free future.

We are working with AEPW to address the pressing issue of plastic pollution by supporting local waste picker cooperatives with innovative approaches to waste management. We are utilising our KOLEKT app to improve waste traceability and transparency in issuing plastic credits, which incentivise and reward efforts in recycling and properly disposing of plastic waste.

“This project has been a game-changer for the cooperative and the local community, experienced by improved operations and livelihoods with the creation of income opportunities,” said Pedro. We are actively working with the AEPW to expand this project and partnerships to achieve even greater plastic waste recovery and recycling results.

The cooperatives supported by the AEPW have been instrumental in creating a circular economy for plastic waste in Brazil by promoting awareness, fostering cooperation, implementing innovative solutions, driving positive change and inspiring others to take action against plastic pollution.